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Social Responsibility


Comprehensive social responsibility

As an important participant, contributor and leader of China's energy transformation, Hanas New Energy attaches great importance to fulfilling its social responsibilities and strives to achieve coordination among the economy, society and environment through its own benign development.

Over the years, Hanas has made good achievements in fulfilling social responsibilities

We will implement the green energy development strategy

We will stay true to our original aspiration and keep our mission in mind, thoroughly implement the green energy development strategy, adhere to the development and construction of new energy power generation projects, introduce advanced technologies, and strive to improve operational efficiency. It will continuously deliver high-quality and stable green power to thousands of households, making direct and significant contributions to reducing pollutants and carbon emissions.

To promote and drive local economic development

Since 2009, it has invested a total of more than 12 billion yuan in the development and construction of wind power projects, driving an economic aggregate increase of nearly 30 billion yuan. In addition to the number of its own employees gradually increasing with the expansion of production scale, indirectly creating nearly 2000 jobs of all kinds, and making due contributions to social harmony and stability.

We care about public welfare and deliver humanistic care

Actively organize and participate in various social public welfare activities, support the construction and operation of Wuzhong Special Education School, local youth development Fund and other public welfare organizations, pass on humanistic care and sentiment from Hanas New Energy to the public through practical actions, and practice social responsibility.

Continue to provide green and high-quality energy

By the end of 2021


10000 Tons

Save raw coal

10000 Tons

Reduce carbon dioxide emissions


Reduce sulfur dioxide emissions


Reduce power smoke emission