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Talent Development

Talent Development

Talent development

Hanas New Energy firmly establishes the concept of "talent is the first resource", inherits the group's purpose of "respecting talent, shaping talent and training talent", people-oriented, concentric, and common direction, and realizes the common development of employees and enterprises.

Respect talent value

Always adhere to the "all are for talent, everyone can become" concept of talent, fully recognized the value of every employee and creative ability, wide acceptance of all identities, and culture, have good professional quality and professional ability, is willing to contribute to a Hanas New Energy cause, give them to cast ability, realize the dream stage.

Growth and equality

Good quality is the basis of staff growth and team progress. Hanas New Energy not only pays attention to the cultivation of staff's professional ability but also pays attention to the shaping of staff's internal cultivation and good quality. It organizes rich activities to help employees find good things, be grateful for harvest, be willing to contribute, and develop in an all-around and healthy way.

Help talent growth

Hanas New Energy focuses on the study of employee growth rules. Through the perfect training system,multi-position training and exchange, advanced experience mentoring, full trust and support, the company is continuously committed to the ability cultivation and growth of employees, to help employees fully release their autonomy, initiative, and creativity, and continue to challenge and breakthrough themselves.

We will ensure the entrepreneurship of personnel officers

It is our persistence and commitment to providing sufficient guarantees for staff members to start their own businesses. Excellent office environment for employees to focus on work, give play to the talent to create a suitable atmosphere; While paying social insurance on time, we provide additional security mechanisms for every employee. Most of the units are equipped with elevators, effectively reducing the working intensity of staff; A variety of team building and sports activities help employees achieve a balance between work and life.

Staff style

Staff style

Talent recruitment

Talent recruitment

Financial manager

Major in financial management or related field. Bachelor’s degree or above from 985/211 universities. Under 35. At least 5 years related working experience in large manufacturing and new energy enterprises, intermediate accountant is preferred.

Fan maintenance personnel

1. Bachelor’s degree or above, major in electrical automation, mechanical engineering, etc. 2. Relevant working experience is preferred; 3. Under the age of 30;