Job Requirements:

Graduated from 1, 985, 211 colleges majoring in finance;

3. Under the age of 35;

Job Responsibilities: 

1. Assist the chief financial officer to establish and improve financial management, accounting and monitoring systems, conduct internal control management, engage in corporate financing related businesses, and maintain good communication with the outside world;</p >

2. Responsible for the company's voucher auditing, comprehensive and systematic control of the company's accounting management, capital operation, profit and loss carry-forward, current account management and other financial work;

2. /p>


Five social insurances, one housing fund and holiday benefits, a complete employee training system, a broad development platform, and ample room for growth


Company email:

Company address: 10th Floor, Master Business Center, No. 160 Beijing Middle Road, Yinchuan, Ningxia

Tel: 0951-5923703-9099