Talent is a key element in shaping and enhancing an organization's core competitiveness. In order to create a learning and innovative organization, we will create a good atmosphere of active learning, willingness to share and common growth in the workforce. On August 25th, the second phase of the knowledge sharing activity of the New Energy Division was carried out as scheduled in the conference room on the 10th floor of the Master Business Center, and the theme of this exchange and sharing was "Carbon Trading and Green Electricity Trading", and Chen Zhengyu, Deputy General Manager of the New Energy Division, Yu Guozhi, Financial Director, Directors of Various Departments, Directors of Wind Farms, Managers and Business Related Personnel of Various Departments participated in the knowledge sharing activities through a combination of online and offline.

Liu Yang, Director of the Business Department, analyzed and interpreted domestic and foreign policies and the current market situation from the three aspects of carbon emission allowance (CEA), China Certified Voluntary Emission Reduction (CCER), green electricity and green certificate trading, and summarized and summarized the three trading methods, so that the participants could systematically and comprehensively understand the relevant knowledge of the green electricity and carbon market trading mechanism, operation principle and strategy.

During the training, the participants conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on policies and issues of concern to each other, and realized information communication and sharing, and the atmosphere was vivid and warm.

It is reported that the New Energy Division has launched a series of knowledge sharing activities since the beginning of August, and plans to organize and carry out them twice a month. The theme of knowledge sharing is in line with the business development direction of the business department, derived from reality and fits the work, and the sharing content includes but is not limited to industry dynamics, policy trends, professional knowledge, management concepts, process methods, experience and skills, and experiences. On August 8, the Ministry of Finance took the lead in carrying out the first phase of the sharing activity, and Wang Weihong, a member of the department, made a detailed interpretation of the recently revised and issued "Financial Expenditure Reimbursement Process and Management Measures" and other systems, focusing on the exchange and discussion of common financial management issues in daily work, and the training effect was good.

In the next step, in addition to organizing knowledge sharing activities on a regular basis as planned, Hanas New Energy Division will continue to explore and innovate, and help to successfully achieve the goal of creating a learning organization through more abundant and diversified sharing forms.