"The sky is like a fog, and the condensation steps are like flowers". Yesterday, most of Ningxia ushered in the first spring snow of the Year of the Rabbit, and at the Hanas New Energy Yanchi Wind Farm, a typhoon wind turbine stood proudly in the clouds of ice and snow.

Covered in silver, mist fluttering

The vast Mahuang Mountain is rendered as a spectacular picture

Ink snow rhyme map

Slowly unfold before your eyes

When the wind and snow hit, the responsibility is still there

The dedicated Hanas wind power people are rooted in the front line

Ensure production and promote people's livelihood

Safeguard the safe and stable operation of equipment

Snowflakes are flying

Reflected in the gentle night and bright glass windows

It reflects the struggle and perseverance of every Hanas wind power person

It also illuminates their cloud path

This morning, the snow is clear

The wind turbine and the blue sky and white clouds are beautiful and picturesque

It is also like the bright prospects of Hanas' new energy business

It's desirable

A fall of seasonable snow gives promise of a fruitful year. A timely snow promises a good harvest. 

Spring snow in the Year of the Rabbit after the Lantern Festival

It will surely bring a year of beauty and hope

Best wishes to everyone at Hanas Wind Power

2023 is the year you want