New year, new atmosphere, strive to start a new game. On January 9, 2024, New Energy Group organized and held the business activity analysis meeting for the fourth quarter of 2023 and the signing ceremony of the 2024 target responsibility letter. Li Zhiqing, Vice President of Hanas Group, Chairman and General Manager of New Energy Group, management personnel, heads of various departments and representatives of some business backbones of New Energy Group attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the heads of the operation, maintenance and other departments made a summary report on the completion of the department's work in the fourth quarter and year of 2023, displayed the performance results, analyzed the key factors, clarified the key measures, and accurately grasped the annual target program of the new energy group, scientifically analyzed the historical data, reasonably predicted the power market situation inside and outside the region in 2024, and deeply understood the policy guidelines, and briefly and pragmatically put forward the key goals of various business areas such as safety production and market operation in 2024. Chen Zhengyu, deputy general manager of New Energy Group, also summarized and reviewed the quarterly business activity analysis meetings held in 2023.

Regarding the content of the report, Chairman Li Zhiqing pointed out that since 2023, with the care and help of the party committees and governments at all levels in the autonomous region, and under the strong leadership of Hanas Group, all cadres and employees of the new energy group have united as one, worked hard and forged ahead. The stable foundation of the enterprise is being consolidated, the high-quality benefits are improving, the space for progress is expanding, and the scale of achievements is accumulating.

Things are not difficult to do, but easy but hard. The meeting fully affirmed the new progress and achievements made in the work of the new energy group in 2023. First, the annual safety production plan has been implemented effectively. Comprehensively achieve the safety management goals, resolutely adhere to the bottom line and red line of no safety accidents, and achieve a record of 4,660 days of continuous safety production. The overall operation of power generation equipment was stable, and the power generation capacity continued to lead the industry in the region, and some control indicators were better than the same period last year. Second, the results of electricity trading have been remarkable. Through the flexible and applicable daily integration trading strategy, coordinated production, operation and management measures, and actively expanding and maintaining trading channels, the average price of electricity trading has reached a new high, reaching the best level in recent years, greatly exceeding the benchmark electricity price and increasing income, providing strong support for the realization of the strategic goals of Hanas Group and New Energy Group. The third is the in-depth promotion of development and innovation. Based on years of high-quality development and accumulation of potential energy, we will closely follow the national and local "14th Five-Year Plan" development plans, and make positive and beneficial explorations in the journey of achieving the construction goal of the second million kilowatt wind power base. Widely create an innovative atmosphere, and call on employees in various business fields to be based on their posts, diligent and good at learning, and brave in practice. Successfully obtained the national patent certification project and opened up a new situation in scientific and technological work. Fourth, comprehensive management has reached a new level. On the basis of the existing achievements, combined with the actual work and the requirements of the group, we will continue to improve the enterprise management mechanism and management system, and carry out social welfare activities in an orderly manner, and strive to practice corporate social responsibility; Intensify cultural propaganda and promote the values of "quality, responsibility, cooperation and innovation" to be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people; Steadily implement the post classification management policy, pay attention to reflecting the contribution value of front-line employees in production and construction, and encourage the majority of employees to work together and start a business.

In order to clarify the goals, strengthen the responsibility, and ensure that the work of the new energy group in 2024 will achieve better results. At the meeting, Chairman Li Zhiqing and the personnel in charge signed the 2024 annual task target responsibility letter, pointing out the direction and spurring personnel at all levels to focus on the key, riveting energy, planning and moving, and continuous improvement.

At the end of the meeting, Chairman Li Zhiqing made a concluding speech, asking all cadres and employees of the new energy group to unite more closely, thoroughly implement the work deployment and relevant requirements of Hanas Group, keep in mind the mission of "being a benchmark model in the field of green energy", and never forget the original intention and forge ahead. It is necessary to have the spirit of hard work and long-term contribution, move forward towards the goal step by step, practice one breath inside, practice muscles and bones outside, benchmark against the table, be confident and self-reliant, continue to strengthen the core competitiveness, and always maintain a regional advantageous position. It is necessary to take the signed 2024 annual task target responsibility letter as the traction, further refine and decompose, compact the responsibility, scientifically plan and implement it item by item, make a "good start", and lay a solid foundation for the 2024 year to live up to the entrustment and successfully complete the task.

Regarding the work in 2024, Chairman Li Zhiqing emphasized that first, it is necessary to further highlight the primary position of safety work. Resolutely implement the main responsibility of safety, pay close attention to all aspects of safety management, firmly establish a sense of responsibility for walking on thin ice and facing the abyss, and support a strong umbrella for the life and health of employees and the high-quality development of the enterprise. Second, it is necessary to further inherit and carry forward the requirements of high standards and high quality work. The concept of "excellence, baht must be compared", "electricity must be competed, every millimeter must be competitive" runs through all fields and sections of production and operation. Strengthen skill training, strengthen technological innovation, strengthen effect tracking, expand management measures, improve the ability to deal with changes, enhance strategic determination, and provide strong support for the healthy development of new energy. Third, it is necessary to further expand the development space of new energy undertakings. Based on the existing resource advantages, we will resolutely "go global", make full use of the national and local renewable energy industry support policies, transform the group's established strategic policy into solid development gains, and break out of the world. Fourth, it is necessary to further strengthen the construction of learning organizations. While organizing and carrying out various existing training activities and optimizing the talent training mechanism, we will introduce a number of pragmatic measures in combination with the characteristics of the main business of new energy and the actual work needs. Efforts are made to break through the barriers between posts and professions, enhance exchanges and interactions in the field of management and technology, improve the knowledge and comprehensive quality of cadres and employees, and let the enthusiasm of employees for innovation and creativity burst out to a greater extent.

Although the road is far, the line is coming; It's hard, but it's done. In 2024, Hanas New Energy Group will, as always, adhere to the original intention of its establishment, strengthen its confidence in development, adhere to entrepreneurship and innovation, and be unswervingly committed to achieving its mission!