On the afternoon of April 16, Hanas New Energy Group held an analysis meeting on business activities in the first quarter of 2024 to systematically summarize the main business development of production and operation, planning and construction in the first quarter, analyze and judge the external situation, and make overall arrangements for the key work in the next quarter to ensure the high-quality completion of the annual goals and tasks and achieve the expected results.

At the meeting, the heads of the operation department, the maintenance department and other departments reported on the work in turn according to the task objectives of the first quarter, explained the completion of the main work, deeply analyzed the existing problems and the key factors affecting the achievement of the task objectives, and on this basis, determined the key work in the second quarter and put forward specific promotion measures.

In the first quarter of 2024, Hanas New Energy Group will resolutely implement the spiritual program of Hanas Group and the decision-making and deployment of the work conference at the beginning of the year, with the goal of achieving high-quality development, closely following the main line of "ensuring safety, stabilizing production, promoting operation, seeking development, and tamping management", through scientific and pragmatic measures, unite as one, work hard, strive to overcome difficulties and blockages in the process, make every effort to seize market and policy opportunities, and ensure the orderly progress of production and operation. It has achieved 4,756 days of continuous safe production, the overall operation of power generation, transmission and transformation equipment is good, the average price index of power trading has exceeded the quarterly target, and project development, enterprise management, team building and other work have been steadily advanced.

In view of the production and operation situation in the first quarter, the meeting pointed out that safety and development are two wings of one body, and it is necessary to coordinate the relationship between the two, implement the safety policy program, pay close attention to safety responsibilities, carry out safety hazard investigation and random spot checks on a regular basis, strengthen early warning and monitoring, implement emergency measures, and make the awareness of safety red line and lifeline deeply rooted in the hearts of the people;

The meeting required that the operation status of the equipment that has been put into operation should be comprehensively sorted out, and a feasible health level improvement plan should be formulated in combination with the actual work and the requirements of the competent department at a higher level, and gradually and orderly implemented to ensure the power generation capacity of the equipment. In view of special weather such as spring winds, it is necessary to strengthen emergency capacity building, study and judge risks in advance, investigate hidden dangers in a timely manner, and improve emergency response plans, so as to know what to do, have a plan in hand, and act in a measured and proper manner. For the major changes in the electricity market environment and policies, it is necessary to conscientiously summarize the work experience in the first quarter, respond quickly, and come up with targeted measures from the two dimensions of "inside" and "outside", and strive to promote the increase in the average transaction price in the second quarter.

For the follow-up work task objectives, the meeting emphasized that all cadres and workers of the new energy group should strengthen their confidence in victory, anchor the established direction, and under the guidance of the group, take stock of the first quarter, start the first half of the year, focus on the third quarter, and do a good job for the whole year, so as to ensure that there is progress every month, achieve results every quarter, and step up every year;

Li Zhiqing, Vice President of Hanas Group and Chairman of New Energy Group, and other management personnel, heads of various departments and some business backbone representatives attended the meeting.