Hanas New Energy Group

Wind Power Development

Wind power development

Wind power development

Hanas New Energy Business Unit actively responds to the national renewable energy development strategy, overall planning, and coordinated layout, and steadily promotes the development of wind power projects.


The top design

With the support of Hanas Group, we invited Boston, McKinsey, and other top international consulting firms to carry out the top-level design. Based on the analysis of the development and utilization of energy worldwide, the future development trend of the wind power industry is studied, key nodes are grasped, and the keynote and rhythm of wind power project development are determined.


Resource monitoring

It has established long-term cooperative relations with North China Electric Power Design Institute, Northwest Survey and Design Research Institute and other first-class design institutions in China, delineated the proposed development area in Ningxia, Inner Mongolia and other wind resource enrichment areas, during which several wind measuring devices have been deployed to continuously monitor and collect wind resource data.


Scientific evaluation

Using advanced tools such as Vestas Global Weather platform, wind power layout simulation system, and microsite selection platform, Hanas New Energy conducts a scientific and systematic evaluation of wind power projects to be developed, accurately predicts future power generation, and supports development decisions.


Reasonable planning

After further comparison and analysis of the evaluation results, the final determination of the annual average power generation utilization hours of more than 2500h of high-quality resources area, through which the formation of Yanchi 2 million KW, Inner Mongolia Azuo Banner 500 million kW wind power base planning scheme, the project planning a total investment of 26 billion yuan.

Hanas closely follows the national strategy to promote China's energy transformation



Built up anemometer tower

square kilometer

Wind coverage area

10,000 kilowatts

Planning and construction of wind power projects