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Wind Power Operation

Wind power operation

Wind Power Operation

Drawing lessons from the mature models of major international wind power operators such as Vestas, Siemens and GE, Hanas New Energy aims to reduce operating costs for a long time and steadily improve the reliability and profitability of units, and continuously improve wind power operation capacity.


Cultivate professional operation and maintenance team

Introduce professional and technical talents with rich management and practical experience as the backbone, and set up the operation and maintenance team. Through the perfect post and skill training process, we have gradually cultivated a professional team with superb technology and excellent style, and independently undertook the operation and maintenance work of 700 typhoon power units, more than 1,000 kilometers of transmission lines and 8 booster stations.


Innovate the joint operation and maintenance model

Initiate joint operation and maintenance mode with Vestas according to management needs and the actual situation. Vestas will make full use of its unique advantages in unit data monitoring, analysis, and fault precursor diagnosis and troubleshooting to provide comprehensive support and guarantee for wind power operation and effectively improve equipment reliability.


Refine the operation and maintenance management process

Establish safety, quality, environment, process, process and other control systems and quality standards, optimize spare parts inventory management, effectively reduce operation and maintenance costs through diversified measures, and improve management efficiency.

Hanas closely follows the national strategy to promote China's energy transformation


Wind turbine can be utilized by 2021


Available hours of wind turbines by 2021


Days of safe production