Hanas New Energy Group

Wind Power Construction

Wind power construction

Wind Power Construction

According to the planning scheme, Hanas New Energy Division organizes and implements project construction activities in an efficient and orderly manner. Adhering to the group's requirements of "refinement" and "quality", Hanas New Energy Division is committed to creating high-quality projects and century-old projects.


Concept of international construction

The international well-known engineering management consulting company De Heneb France provides comprehensive technical and management support for the construction of a number of wind power projects; Take the lead in introducing and applying advanced models such as EPC, PMT and IPMT to improve the level of project construction.


High standard construction requirements

We strictly control the quality of the project and choose world-renowned equipment manufacturers Vestas, ABB, Siemens, and Schneider to provide key power generation and transformation equipment such as wind turbine, main transformer, and switchgear for the project. With Gezhouba, China Nonferrous and other strength units to form strategic cooperative relations, and fully ensure the quality of construction installation.


Perfect project management system

Based on PMI project management knowledge guide, a perfect wind power project management system is constructed. Fully carry out the public bidding mode, strengthen the important position of "HSE", establish the three-level quality management and four-level quality acceptance system, take the initiative to care about the expectations of the main parties, and coordinate multiple support through smooth communication and feedback channels, so as to promote the successful achievement of the construction goal.

Hanas closely follows the national strategy to promote China's energy transformation



Completed wind power project

10,000 kilowatts

Completed installed capacity of wind power projects

10,000 kilowatts

The installed capacity of wind power projects under construction