Some people say that I broke through the critical boundary of the body in the desert;

Some people say that I experienced the spirit of persistence in the desert;

Some people say that I recognize the meaning of persistence in the desert;

We say that the strength of the team is felt in the desert;

The clouds harvest summer colors, and the leaves of the wood move in autumn. From August 19th to 20th and August 26th to 27th, Hanas New Energy Division's "Sand Walkers Without Borders" Desert Challenge Activity was held in Tengger Desert, and two groups of more than 140 team members marched side by side and set off on the journey, successfully completing the set goals of this activity, exploring the meaning of walking and feeling the strength of the team in the long yellow sand.


After arriving at the Tonghu Grassland on the afternoon of the first day, after a simple rest, the first link of the activity was immediately opened - the team resonance of the challenge of the impossible, under the leadership of the coach, the team was randomly divided into 6 teams, each link in the project required teamwork to complete, and everyone understood the true meaning of "working together, cooperation and win-win" in the collective activity.

Campfire revelry

The desert at night, full of stars, after completing the team project competition, ushered in a relaxed and comfortable moment, everyone watched the bonfire party together, hand in hand with songs and dances, the wine talk, dialogue galaxy, smile overflowing face.

Vignette - August birthday party, everyone sent blessings and cakes to the 6 birthday friends, adding a warm memory to the team building activity.

Walkers have no boundaries

Two batches of desert challenge activities, encountered different weather in the scorching sun and wind and sand, under the scorching sun or in the yellow sand of the sky, Hanas wind power people continue to adjust and adapt, stepping on coarse sand and gravel, hiking in the endless yellow sand, measuring the vastness and vastness of the Tengger Desert with their feet, and feeling the strength of mutual trust, mutual support and team in the process of travel.

There are grinding, challenges and growth, as well as partners and teammates walking together, and happiness, pain, warmth and strength will be magnified and connected. Whether it is like a fire and the sun, or the wind and sand, in the face of the difficult desert hiking challenge, the team members cohesively, looked up at the clear goal, bowed their heads and firmly stepped forward, and jointly completed the desert hiking challenge task.

Creative sand sculpture

After the end of the hike, the teams should work together to complete the carving task on the beach, and the works carefully carved and completed are not only the epitome of the effort, struggle, growth and harvest process of Hanas New Energy Division for more than ten years, but also the yearning of all members of the team for a better future, which will surely witness our cause more vigorous and stronger.

A group of people, a road, walk together, must go. It's a heart-wrenching team-building activity. Friendship, health, self-discipline and tenacity are the harvest of every Hanas Wind Man Desert Challenge participant, and we wish us to continue to maintain this uplifting posture and continue to work hard and create good results in our work.