Recently, many places in Ningxia have experienced continuous cooling, rain and snow. Affected by bad weather, many 110kV and 35kV transmission lines on Mahuang Mountain were covered by frost, and ice covering appeared to varying degrees, which directly threatened the normal operation of transmission equipment. If it cannot be disposed of in time, it can cause line flashover discharge tripping, and at worst it will lead to accidents such as wire breakage, tower deformation or tower collapse, which will have a serious impact on the safety and stability of the regional power grid and the healthy development of local economy and society.

In the face of the dangerous situation, the new energy division accurately studied and judged, made a decision immediately, quickly launched the "emergency plan for the handling of rain, snow and freezing disasters on overhead lines", seized the initial formation of frost that has not yet been transformed into stubborn ice and the window of light windy weather after snowfall, and concentrated manpower and material resources to carry out de-icing operations of transmission lines. On the afternoon of February 12, with the approval of the higher-level power dispatching agency, the 110kV transmission line of the third wind farm of Mahuangshan was converted to a planned maintenance state, and the maintenance department organized 36 commandos to carry communication and emergency repair materials, and the troops rushed to each transmission line in two ways. Under the premise of ensuring personal safety, the team members overcame many obstacles such as steep mountain slippery roads, low temperature, and difficulty in climbing the tower, climbed on the tower body, brackets and wire connections, and used methods such as insulating tools to knock and rope pulling to remove the angle steel tower and the wire ice step by step.

After careful organization and continuous attack, at noon on February 14, the 110kV transmission line of the third wind farm of Mahuangshan took the lead in completing ice clearance. After the whole line was inspected and safety measures were removed, the 110kV transmission line was successfully transmitted at one time, and the wind turbine was put into normal operation. The "light" transmission line stands tall in the vast mountains and wilderness, and continues to bring light to thousands of households in a healthy and full state; The maintenance department will also continue to pay attention to subsequent weather changes, shorten the inspection cycle, encrypt the frequency of inspection, and make emergency preparations to effectively ensure the stable operation of the equipment.

Before removing snow and ice:

After removing snow and ice:

Such a scene is just one of the 365 days of continuous struggle of the new energy division. In the face of similar or different difficulties and dangers, Hanas wind power people have a responsibility and a mission to achieve. No matter how bad the weather, we are always on the road.