At the beginning of the new year, good news is frequent. Recently, Ningxia Yanchi Hanas Wind Power Generation Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Hanas New Energy Group, won the utility model patent of "Overhead Line Bird Nesting Device", which is an important breakthrough in the field of production technology of Hanas New Energy Group, marking a new level of scientific and technological innovation ability of the enterprise.

As a renewable energy enterprise with the mission of "helping China's energy transition", Hanas New Energy Group has always adhered to the development concept of integrity and innovation, continuously accumulated technical experience and knowledge in practice, and promoted the development and progress of the entire industry through technological innovation and breakthroughs.

It is understood that with the increase in the number of birds, in recent years, all kinds of bird damage incidents have occurred frequently, among which the overhead transmission line is one of the disaster areas seriously affected by bird damage. According to the statistics of relevant departments, the impact of bird damage on China's overhead transmission lines is currently second only to lightning and external damage, so it is necessary to take more effective measures to prevent and control the problem of bird damage on overhead transmission lines.

The utility model patent of the new energy group's "overhead line anti-bird nesting device" converts solar energy into electrical energy through solar panels and stores it in the battery, providing power for the normal operation of laser lights and sirens, so as to warn and expel birds and prevent them from nesting on overhead lines, and ultimately achieve the purpose of protecting the normal operation of overhead lines. The rotating plate can block the rain of the whole device, provide protection for the solar panels, and the excess rainwater is discharged through the drainage tank, which can effectively reduce the erosion and damage of rainwater to the rain rack and the whole device, thereby improving its service life and on-site working condition adaptability. (The following figure is for illustrative purposes only, and the specific certification shall prevail)

The acquisition of this patent is not only an affirmation of the scientific and technological innovation work of Hanas New Energy Group, but also an expectation for the future development of the company. In the future, Hanas New Energy Group will continue to focus on the wind power industry, maintain the spirit of innovation and dedication, and make more positive contributions to the prosperity and development of the industry.