Hot porridge is fragrant and fragrant to say goodbye to the old month

Winter warms people's hearts and welcomes the new year

Today's Laba Festival

In the new energy group of wind farm stations and agency station

You can see the heart-warming taste everywhere...

A year is a year old and a reunion, and after Laba is the year. On the occasion of the Laba Festival, Hanas New Energy Group organized and carried out the warmth of "porridge" with wind and rain. At the wind power site of Hanas New Energy, the restaurant boiled sweet and soft Laba porridge for the employees present early in the morning, and the strong New Year's flavor spread from the thick porridge in front of them, everyone held a cup of warm Laba porridge and said "Happy Holiday" to each other, adding New Year's flavor at the same time, but also letting each other feel the warmth of the Hanas New Energy Group family in the cold winter.

At the office of Hanas New Energy Group, as soon as he got to work in the morning, Deputy General Manager Chen Zhengyu led the office staff to deliver cups of steaming and friendly Laba porridge to the employees, and sent holiday blessings to everyone. Warm greetings and concerned reminders made everyone feel the strong holiday atmosphere and the blessing and care of the enterprise while "warming their hearts and stomachs".

A cup of laba porridge

A heartwarming companionship

In this festival full of warmth and blessings

Let's share the sweetness of Laba congee together

Let the warmth be transmitted in everyone's heart

Gather the strength to move forward in the wind and rain

Together with the "porridge".