dragon celebrates the festival, a new chapter of Top Gun. On January 31, 2024, Hanas New Energy Group's 2023 Annual Summary and Commendation and 2024 Spring Festival Group Meeting were held as scheduled. Li Zhiqing, Vice President of Hanas Group, Chairman and General Manager of Hanas New Energy Group, management and employee representatives of New Energy Group gathered together to review the progress of New Energy Group in 2023, witness the glorious achievements of various advanced collectives and individuals in 2023, and jointly look forward to the bright prospects of high-quality development of the enterprise.

At the meeting, Li Zhiqing made the 2023 annual work report of Hanas New Energy Group, Chen Zhengyu read out the commendation decision of advanced collectives and advanced individuals, and the management staff awarded honorary certificates to the commended collectives and individuals, and jointly sent sincere New Year's wishes to all participants.

Li Zhiqing pointed out in the work report: In 2023, all the cadres and employees of the new energy group will work together, under the strong leadership of Hanas Group, thoroughly implement the spirit and work deployment of the group meeting, continue to strengthen safety management, ensure the stable operation of equipment, significantly improve the market transaction capacity, make steady progress in the pace of development, and better complete the main tasks and objectives of the year. This year, we firmly established the bottom-line thinking, always adhered to the policy of "safety first, prevention first, and comprehensive management", coordinated the promotion of safety management and production and operation, and accumulated 4,650 days of safe production. This year, we actively adapted to the market situation, closely followed the key points of policy and rule changes, accurately planned, and did our best to exceed our business goals. This year, we adhered to the guidance of the medium and long-term development plan of Hanas Group and the full completion of the second million kilowatt wind power base, and steadily promoted the project development work, which achieved great results. This year, we closely focused on the needs of production and operation, and made great efforts to reduce costs and increase efficiency through scientific and technological innovation and technology application. The self-developed and designed overhead line bird pest prevention device has successfully obtained the national patent certification. This year, we have always adhered to the principle of gathering people with culture and culture to comprehensively promote the construction of a learning organization. Hanas's profound cultural heritage is known to more people, and the professionalism and comprehensive ability of employees have been steadily improved.

The mission calls for responsibility, and the example inspires the way forward. The achievements of New Energy Group are inseparable from the hard work of every employee and the seamless cooperation of the team. In the process of successfully completing the annual tasks and objectives, a group of advanced collectives and individuals have emerged who are down-to-earth, hard-working, steady, and always stand at the forefront of the development of new energy undertakings with a full mental outlook. They stick to their efforts in ordinary posts and interpret the beauty of struggle. Their exemplary spirit will also infect more people who walk side by side, so that the belief of "living up to the mission and having the courage to take responsibility" and the attitude of "rolling up your sleeves and throwing yourself down" will be condensed and re-ascended, and then converge into a majestic force that strives to write a new chapter in the development of the new energy industry.

2024 is the 15th year of Hanas's new energy business, a key year for the company to maintain a healthy and sustainable development trend and realize the vision of "being a benchmark model in the field of green energy", and it is also a year full of opportunities and challenges. The new energy group will always keep up with the development trend of the economy, society and the renewable energy industry, conscientiously implement the work deployment of Hanas Group, focus on the healthy and sustainable development goals, adhere to the main line of "ensuring safety, stable production, promoting operation, strengthening management, and seeking development", and rely on clear and scientific planning, compliance and sound management, down-to-earth dedication, and orderly team to achieve effective growth in the quantity of work results and stable improvement in quality in 2024.

In order to welcome the festival and set off a cheerful atmosphere, the cadres and employees of the new energy group also performed a well-prepared cultural and artistic program at the event site, bringing different New Year greetings and blessings to the large family.

The journey is long, only struggle, and on the road ahead, confidence is more important than gold. In the new year, let us unite more closely, under the leadership and support of the group company, strengthen confidence, face difficulties, and win the initiative in overcoming difficulties; In order to successfully complete the annual task objectives, to write a new chapter in the development of Hanas new energy industry, and to create a bright future and share a better tomorrow!