"I'm on duty during the Spring Festival"

A simple word

It depicts the figure of a struggler

It speaks to the hearts of those who stand firm

During the Spring Festival, the wind farm stations of Hanas New Energy Group

Wind power people who stick to the front line of their posts

Salute duty with sweat

Tell the story with hard work

Let's listen

The New Year's experience in their minds


New Year's flavor is a "choice"

During the Spring Festival this year, Fan Xiaowei, director of Xinliang No. 1 Wind Farm, took the initiative to ask Ying to be on duty and take the "post" as his home. He led the staff on duty to conscientiously carry out the investigation and management of network security hidden dangers and special self-inspection, strengthen the management of key places and personnel, 24-hour real-time monitoring and risk prediction; Focus on preventing abnormal phenomena such as suspicious instructions, network scanning, and illegal peripheral access, and promptly address network security risks. He said: "As the person in charge of Xinliang No. 1 Wind Farm, although I can't reunite with my family during the Spring Festival, I can ensure the safe and stable operation of the station, and this choice is worth it!" 

New Year's flavor is a kind of safety

This Spring Festival, Hong Guozhong, the "general practitioner" who treats the fan, is not at all easier than usual. Together with his colleagues, he carried out a comprehensive inspection of the wind turbines under the jurisdiction of the wind farm, and took every step of "looking", "smelling", "checking" and "measuring" seriously, and did not let go of any detail. He said: "The purpose of wind turbine inspection is to find hidden dangers in time and deal with them effectively, reduce the failure and downtime rate, prolong the service life of the unit, and prevent small problems from turning into big losses." People want to be safe every year, and fans must also operate safely every year. ”

New Year's flavor is a kind of  protection

In order to ensure the stable operation of the protection automation equipment during the Spring Festival, Yu Kai of Qinglongshan No. 2 Wind Farm was busy as usual, keeping an eye on the reliability of the DC power supply system, measuring the battery voltage one by one, checking the operation mode of the charging module, checking whether the single battery was leaking, whether the terminals were corroded, and whether the wiring was tight. Yu Kai knows that the safety production of the station cannot tolerate the slightest fluke and laxity, he said: "Although I can't accompany my family to celebrate the festival with a little regret, but I am quite proud to think of being able to contribute to the lighting of thousands of homes." 

New Year's flavor is a sense of mission

Wei Wenbo, the maintenance worker of the No. 4 Wind Farm in Mahuang Mountain, who stuck to his post for the first time during the Spring Festival, was both nervous and full of expectations, nervous that he was still in the learning and growth period; The expectation is because of the sense of mission and responsibility that comes with perseverance. He said: "I feel full of pride and pride as a part of the station, working with my companions to guard this big family and keep it running during this special time. The station prepared a sumptuous Chinese New Year's Eve dinner for everyone, and we worked hard, worked hard, and celebrated the New Year together, which is of extraordinary significance. ”

New Year's flavor is perseverance

This year is the fifth Spring Festival for Ma Liang of the Third Wind Farm in Mahuang Mountain, and together with his colleagues, he and his colleagues continue to carry out the work of wind turbine fault handling, daily inspection and special investigation and elimination. He said: "Since I have chosen the profession of wind power, I must do my best and be worthy of every shift." Every time I see a wind turbine running healthily, my heart is filled with joy and a sense of accomplishment. There is a New Year's flavor called reunion, and there is also a New Year's flavor called perseverance. ”

New Year's flavor is respect for work

For Yang Li, the No. 1 Wind Farm in Yanzhou, who sticks to the front line all year round, the Spring Festival is also like an ordinary working day. From the centralized control room to the secondary room, from the SVG room to the power distribution room to the booster station, this has gone through thousands of inspection routes, and he has walked more meticulously. From the data of the switch cabinet to the temperature and humidity changes between the equipment, we carefully record them, so as to achieve "early detection, early reporting, and early treatment", so as to eliminate potential safety hazards in the bud. He said: "We are well aware of the great responsibility of protecting electricity during the Spring Festival, and we dare not relax for a moment. Sticking to your post during the Spring Festival is not only a love for your work, but also a respect for the cause of wind power. ”

People are diligent and spring comes early,

It's time to struggle.

Let's lift the spirit of Ryoma,

With the dragon and the tiger leaping, the fish leaping over the dragon gate

The drive to forge ahead,

Welcome the New Year and write a new chapter.