The world begins in March

It's time to plant trees and add greenery

March 12 is the 46th Arbor Day in China

At the production sites of Hanas New Energy Group

A picture of planting and protecting greenery in full swing

It's slowly unfolding

With the concerted efforts of everyone, more than 100 pine trees, apricot trees, and jujube trees have successfully "settled down", and we have taken practical actions to help the ecological construction of green beauty. The newly planted seedlings stand in the wind, showing vitality in the spring sunshine, adding a trace of spring to the Ephedra Mountain and Helan Mountain in early spring.

A spade of soil is planted with saplings, and it is also the hope of ecological civilization; A bucket of water is not only watered with the soil, but also with the dream of beautiful wind power. As a green new energy enterprise, Hanas New Energy Group closely follows the national "double carbon" strategic goal, takes root in Yanchi and Azuoqi areas to continue to deepen the renewable energy industry, help promote the development of green energy, and continue to contribute to the sustainable development of society, as of the end of 2023, it has produced a total of 23.5 billion kWh of green electricity, saving 8.73 million tons of water resources, 8.17 million tons of raw coal, and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 19.25 million tons compared with coal-fired power generation, in order to improve the regional ecological environment and benefit the society and people's livelihood. It has made a positive contribution to promoting local economic development.

Plant a tree together, build a piece of green, water hope with sweat, show responsibility with action, and plant green, we are in action.