On March 22, Hanas Group organized the management of the group, the functional centers, and the top employees of the company to hold a special study meeting on the spirit of the two sessions to convey the important speech of the General Secretary at the National Two Sessions and the spirit of the national Two Sessions, the recent meeting of the Security Committee of The State Council, the autonomous region to convey the spirit of the national two sessions and so on. According to the group's deployment, the new energy Group quickly set off a wave of learning and implementing the spirit of the two sessions, and strive to transform the learning results into practical actions based on positions and responsibilities.

On March 25, in the Yinchuan office and production site of Hanas New Energy Group wind farm stations,  Summer construction took a solid step to interview reports and other important documents, through extensive communication and discussion, set off a wave of new energy group to learn and implement the spirit of the two sessions.

Whether it is Premier Li Qiang's deployment of national policy orientation, development requirements and major tasks in 2024;  As well as Secretary Liang Yanshun's specific arrangements on "creating a new situation of high-quality development and promoting the construction of a beautiful new Ningxia", they have provided fundamental guidelines and action guidelines for us to grasp the general trend of The Times, identify work coordinates, and refine methods and paths, which are encouraging and inspiring.

In the past 15 years, Hanas New Energy Group has always taken "helping China's energy transformation" as its own responsibility, adhered to "being a benchmark model in the field of green energy", and continued to deepen the renewable energy industry in Yanchi and Azuoqi regions, making great progress and fruitful results in terms of power generation scale, power generation capacity and operating efficiency. By the end of 2023, it has produced 23.5 billion KWH of green electricity, achieved continuous safe production for 4,366 days, and continued to maintain a good trend of high-quality development.

In the new era, facing a new journey and new tasks under the new situation, the New Energy Group will, as always, closely focus on the strategic layout of the Party and the country, take the spirit of the "Two sessions" as a guide, closely follow the pace of the group, gather consensus, forge ahead in unity, and more unswervably take its own high-quality development path with pragmatic measures. Promote Master and Hanas Group to achieve leapfrog development in the new era, and make greater contributions to building a beautiful new Ningxia and promoting China's energy transformation.