In the past 15 years, Hanas New Energy Group has moved forward steadily, and there is such a backbone in this vast world, they stick to their posts, with simple emotions and solid dedication, jointly illuminate the road of high-quality development of the new energy group, and jointly cultivate a beautiful picture of Hanas wind power people working together and working hard.

On the occasion of the arrival of May Day, the new energy group presents a special feature of "Continuing the Spiritual Blood and Absorbing the Source of Struggle", focusing on Wu Boyang, Du Baopeng, Wei Wenbo, Wang Jun, Shi Min, Yao Jianbao, Fan Xiaowei 7 model representatives of different positions in the production line, through telling their deeds, together gather the majestic power to forge ahead!

Youth is different

Wu Boyang, who was born in the 00s, devoted himself to the blue energy of wind power as soon as he graduated. When he first entered the workplace, he was fascinated by the magnificent scene of the towering tower in front of him reaching into the sky and the huge leaves rotating leisurely in the sun, and his heart was full of longing and expectation for the future.

"Running a job may seem simple, but it's actually rich in meaning. Each piece of equipment is a system project, which can extend a lot of knowledge and should be sorted out one by one. For me, it's just a matter of working hard, really working hard, and not thinking about anything else. With simple and simple emotions, Wu Boyang walked step by step in the direction he anchored. From the first time to complete the operation of the 35kV switchgear in the distribution room, to the first time to deal with the AGC/AVC monitoring computer jamming, these seemingly ordinary operations are also challenges that need to be overcome for Wu Boyang at the beginning. When he and the team work together to complete the task, when he sees the equipment look new, when the leader pours out professional knowledge and skills, he not only gains the rapid growth of the professional field, but also the in-depth mining and extensive application of knowledge. This is his path of growth, and it is also the tempering of his progress from immaturity to maturity.

In life, Wu Boyang is a vibrant and sunny boy. He loves fitness and sees it as another form of challenge and improvement. Every sweat, every press, every stretch, every sprint in the gym is an active exploration of the limits of the body, and he enjoys the imprint of strength that he has gained after hard work.

After Labor Day, Wu Boyang will usher in the important exam of "dispatch certificate", which he takes seriously as always. Hold a thick review material in your hand between work, and concentrate on every knowledge point. At this moment, he seemed to have returned to his student days, and the self who had dreams and studied hard always glowed with a thirst and awe for knowledge......

Persistently pursuing doing what you love and excelling at it

"Grease injection machine, control box, ratchet, nitrogen filling car, air compressor...... I fixed it all with my own hands. Du Baopeng, an overhaul at Zuoqi Wind Farm, said his maintenance list one by one, and his face was full of pride. Du Baopeng's indissoluble bond with machinery sprouted in the toy box of his childhood, when wrenches and screwdrivers were his favorites, and the dismantling of waste electrical appliances was his game to explore the mysteries of the mechanical world. This curiosity and love for the construction of objects is like a seed buried deep in the heart and grows with time.

When he came to the maintenance work, Du Baopeng loves to study and ponder, he thinks: when encountering problems, we should disassemble them step by step, comprehensively analyze, compare them in many ways, and find out the most suitable solution. With the right approach, even the most difficult problems can be solved. Speaking of the first maintenance task completed independently, the accumulator airbag replacement, he still remembers it vividly. From consulting materials, studying principles, to tool preparation, boarding operations, to the nitrogen filling test and successful operation of the new airbag, the whole process is recorded in detail and photographed for archiving. This experience brought him the harvest of work skills, and also led to the birth of the accumulator airbag replacement work instruction manual. Since then, whether it is ratchet tools, circuit board minor repairs, or motors, bearings major changes, he has taken the initiative to save costs for the enterprise and practice his skills.

"Treasury management, I have a set. In addition to equipment maintenance, Du Baopeng also has a lot of experience in warehouse management. On the blue shelves, tools and spare parts are classified, and the shelf number is clearly visible; the detailed and specific warehouse plane image navigation guides colleagues to accurately locate each spare part; and the orderly setting of the bad parts area and maintenance area makes the trouble of mixing good and bad say goodbye completely.

In order to catch up with the pace of the team's technical leaders, Du Baopeng studied hard and asked if he didn't understand. Although the fast-paced work brings a lot of pressure, the strong driving force is also making him grow rapidly, and every day he strives to surpass himself yesterday......

Set sail again as a new recruit

In April, the grass on the Ephedra Mountain is dotted with small grass, which has not yet been woven into a piece of emerald green; rows of white wind turbines stand on the ridge, dancing gracefully with the gentle breeze; the blue of the blue sky and the pure white of the floating clouds blend harmoniously, outlining a magnificent ecological picture, which is the most familiar and intimate scene of Wang Jun. Since joining the new energy group in 2010, he has been rooted in this fertile land of wind power, and has personally experienced and witnessed the leapfrog development of vast wind farms from scratch. Now, Wang Jun is setting sail again as a "new soldier".

In June 2023, Wang Jun was transferred from engineering construction to operation, he knows that the burden on his shoulders is not light, and the difference between engineering construction and production and operation is a difficult problem that must be faced. From the principle of electrical equipment to the operating procedures of the substation, he is meticulous and earnest, and strives to know every link well. From the accurate identification of system faults to the swift response of emergency treatment, he humbly consulted with experienced team seniors. He integrates the skills and experience accumulated in engineering construction for many years with the operation work, so that the centralized control room and substation become a new practice classroom, making good use of every daily inspection, every troubleshooting, and every equipment maintenance, and urging himself to quickly adapt to the new requirements of the new position.

Ji Haiyang, director of Masi Wind Farm, gave Wang Jun a thumbs up: "He came to his new post with enthusiasm, not only quickly adapted to the needs of the work, but also established a harmonious relationship with his colleagues, and is now an excellent operation attendant." ”

"The road of wind power operation and maintenance is by no means a smooth road, only with dreams and courage to climb the peak of knowledge, can we ride the wind and waves in the wave of green energy. Wang Jun said. This is also a vivid interpretation of his own experience - starting from scratch, unswerving, day by day, with courage, perseverance, sweat for the stable operation of equipment, the vigorous development of the new energy industry to contribute to a force.

Sharpen in challenges and grow in experiments

As a newcomer to wind turbine maintenance, the two late-night inspections he experienced in early 2024 have left a deep imprint on Wei Wenbo's memory, which is a vivid example of his withstanding pressure, perseverance, courage and selfless dedication.

On the cold night of January 19, 2024, the 24# wind turbine of the third phase of the Masi Wind Farm suddenly lost its communication. After the snow, the temperature plummeted and the working environment was harsh, but Wei Wenbo and his team colleagues did not determine, and they formed a working team to step forward and carry out the maintenance work with all their might. After fighting until more than two o'clock in the morning and overcoming many difficulties, the unit successfully resumed operation. In addition to exhaustion, Wei Wenbo was full of a sense of accomplishment and mission, as well as the perseverance and responsibility in the face of difficulties that have been engraved in the blood of every Hanas wind power person.

Late at night on March 21, 2024, the unit of the Masi Wind Farm failed. In order to reduce the loss of downtime, Wei Wenbo and his on-site colleagues started a long-term repair battle overnight. In the intense and fulfilling repair work, Wei Wenbo witnessed the seamless cooperation and selfless dedication between the teams, and deeply experienced the meaning and value of struggle. The two battles were an important stage in the advancement of his skills, and they were also the battles for him to face difficulties and temper his will.

In more than a year of Hanas New Energy, there are many experiences similar to the above scenes, Wei Wenbo has always cherished the desire for knowledge and the dedication to improving skills, and has always shown a positive, dedicated and responsible professionalism. In the future journey, he will inevitably devote himself to the development of the new energy industry with more enthusiasm and firmer determination, and interpret the dedication and mission of the strivers in the new era with practical actions.

Not perfunctory in practice

Han Lei, director of the maintenance department of the new energy group, once vividly compared the fan maintenance personnel to the fan doctors, and only they can detect the subtle differences between the elegant rotating fans on the hillside and achieve the disease by hand. After years of development, the new energy group has cultivated a number of excellent fan "general practitioners", and Shi Min is one of them.

Shi Min's career is closely intertwined with the development of Hanas New Energy Group. As early as August 2011, he participated in the construction of the Mahuangshan Wind Farm as a technician of Vestas, and witnessed the whole process of hoisting and acceptance of the first batch of wind turbines of the new energy group, which was the starting point of his fate with Hanas, and this friendship has continued to this day. After more than ten years of professional and technical work, Shi Min is familiar with the data of the fan, and the technical background accumulated bit by bit and the keen insight into the status of the equipment enable him to calmly deal with and successfully solve many complex faults.

Today, Shi Min has grown from a technical leader to a team manager. Under the new situation and new tasks, he knows that in order to lead the team and complete the maintenance work, not only must the ability of the individual be excellent, but also the good team management ability, the courage to stand up in the face of emergencies and dangers, and the ability to deal with chaos under pressure are the key points to cultivate. In March this year, Director Han Lei's personal scheduling, resource integration, orderly organization and careful control in the wind turbine maintenance work of Masan Wind Farm have set a fresh example, Shi Min said, this is the direction of his own growth, this is the goal of his own efforts.

Adhering to the belief of "don't compromise, can't compromise", I believe that Shi Min will be able to engrave it in his heart, practice it, and lead the Masan maintenance team to achieve more brilliant results.

A loyal guardian of the safety of the transmission arteries

More than 1,000 kilometers of transmission lines running through the Hanas New Energy Wind Farm Station are like green arteries through the mountains, organically connecting the wind turbines in series, and continuously delivering clean energy to thousands of households. Every tower, every bolt, and every section of the line on this green artery is soaked with the hard work of Yao Jianbao and the comrades of the line maintenance team.

"As line maintenance personnel, our role is more than just 'walking and looking at the line'. Climbing tens of meters of high-speed iron towers is commonplace, every aerial work is a physical and mental challenge, and the ice-breaking process of wearing heavy cold-proof equipment and crossing the snow in the biting cold wind is full of hardships. However, in order to ensure that the 'lifeline' is unimpeded, we are willing to pay. This is Yao Jianbao's heart. Whether it is perseverance in the biting cold wind or hard work under the blazing sun, he and his companions have always been consistent, dedicating the hidden dangers of the transmission line and making every effort to protect the safety of the transmission channel.

"As line maintenance personnel, our role is more than just 'walking and looking at the line'. Climbing tens of meters of high-speed iron towers is commonplace, every aerial work is a physical and mental challenge, and the ice-breaking process of wearing heavy cold-proof equipment and crossing the snow in the biting cold wind is full of hardships. However, in order to ensure that the 'lifeline' is unimpeded, we are willing to pay. This is Yao Jianbao's heart. Whether it is perseverance in the biting cold wind or hard work under the blazing sun, he and his companions have always been consistent, dedicating the hidden dangers of the transmission line and making every effort to protect the safety of the transmission channel.

In the future, Yao Jianbao will encounter greater challenges and difficulties in his work. But he knows that these are touchstones for sharpening his will and tempering his ability. He not only has to lead the team to sail forward in good times, but also to be strong in adversity, leading the team to overcome obstacles, ride the wind and waves, and break into a unique scenery.

Persistent cultivators on the front line of wind power

Fan Xiaowei and Hanas New Energy met in the spring of 2014. That year, with his enthusiasm for clean energy, he became a member of the Hanas New Energy family. "Here, what I feel is the spirit of 'down-to-earth and forge ahead' corporate culture", recalling the first time with Hanas, Fan Xiaowei's eyes still flashed with firmness and enthusiasm.

Back in 2016, Fan Xiaowei devoted himself to the construction of the Zuoqi wind power project as an electrical engineer. That year, he and his team worked the Gobi Desert and fought side by side: from the pouring of wind turbines to the hoisting of wind turbines, from the commissioning of booster station equipment to the construction of transmission lines, and finally the acceptance of the whole trial operation, every link witnessed the growth and improvement of Fan Xiaowei's technology and management capabilities. The moment that he still remembers is the critical juncture when the Zuoqi wind power project is about to be connected to the grid for power generation, and his little princess falls to the ground. After only a short stay in the warmth of his family, Fan Xiaowei returned to the station with reluctance and responsibility, and devoted himself to the crucial task of power transmission, where his dream is here.

Seven years have passed, and his daughter has now entered primary school, and Fan Xiaowei has grown into an excellent on-site management personnel in the process of moving forward side by side with Hanas New Energy, fully shouldering the burden of safety management on the production site. In the face of the differences in the professional foundation and career planning of the new members of the team, he is well aware of the importance of guidance and training, always adheres to an open and inclusive attitude, takes the initiative to communicate in depth, and has always encouraged and guided every member of the team to build self-confidence and courage. He firmly believes that the growth of everyone in the team will become a strong driving force for Hanas New Energy to continue to move forward.

In addition to busy work, Fan Xiaowei loves table tennis, which is a dual exercise of physical strength and strategy. Between relaxation and competition, he has found a work-life balance, and I believe that in the future, he will continue to forge ahead on the road of green energy and chase his life dream in such a full and relaxed state.