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Hanas New Energy Group establishes a long-term mechanism for electricity spot trading

On August 17, 2017, according to the "Inter-regional Inter-provincial Surplus Renewable Energy Electricity Spot Trading Pilot Rules (trial )", the trial operation of spot trading of surplus renewable energy power in Ningxia Power Grid. For the trial spot transaction, the Group's Planning and Development Department and the Operation Center jointly studied the countermeasures according to the spot transaction rules, improved the operation management model, and strived to actively adapt and respond quickly.

Successfully completed the comprehensive maintenance task of the substation in 2017

In order to further improve the health level of wind farm equipment and ensure the safe and stable operation of wind farms, from August 8, 2017 to On August 14th, during the power outage period during the power grid reconstruction and expansion, the comprehensive maintenance of the substation of Yanzhou No. 1 Wind Farm was carried out as soon as possible. There are more than 40 maintenance and test projects in total.

The staff of Customer No. 1 and Evaluation Office of China Development Bank Ningxia Branch investigated wind power projects such as the construction site of Yanchi Dashuikeng

On July 7, the staff of Customer No. 1 and Evaluation Office of China Development Bank Ningxia Branch visited Yanchi Dashuikeng At the construction site of the wind power project, accompanied by four leaders, Li Zhiqing, the executive vice president of the project construction department, Wang Wen, the deputy general

Mr. Ma Fuqiang, Chairman of Hanas Group, and his delegation investigated Dashuikeng and Shijiawan wind power projects

On June 18, 2017, Mr. Ma Fuqiang, Chairman of Hanas Group, and his party went to the site to investigate the Dashuikeng, Shijiawan Wind Power Project. At the project site, Chairman Ma Fuqiang shook hands cordially with the employees of the construction project department, supervisors, and representatives of the construction unit, and expressed his heartfelt thanks and sincere condolences to all the staff working on the front line of the engineering construction.

Hanas won the 2016 government performance target assessment Advanced collective commendation

On May 24, the Yanchi County Party Committee and the government jointly issued the "Decision on Recognizing and Rewarding the 2016 Annual Efficiency Target Management Responsibility System Assessment and Key Work Advanced Collectives and Advanced Individuals". Excellent performance in management, won the 2016 annual performance target management responsibility system assessment and key work advanced collective commendation.

Actively Participate in Professional Training Courses and Make Efforts to Improve the Level of Statistical Work

On March 10, Hanas Group sent staff to participate in the "County-wide Energy 2017 Regular Statistical Statement Training Course" jointly organized by the Autonomous Region Statistics Bureau and Yanchi County Statistics Bureau ;, Professionals from the Autonomous Region Statistics Bureau explained on the spot the methods and systems that enterprises need to learn and master in the process of submitting statistical reports.

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