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Comfortable Station Looking for Heart Energy - Women's Day Activity of New Energy Division Ended Successfully

The most beautiful March day in the world, the spring flowers show their smiling faces. To further enrich the spiritual and cultural life of employees and build a harmonious and cordial cultural atmosphere, in the afternoon of March 8, Hanas New Energy Division organized the "Comfort Station Looking for Heart Energy" Women's Day thematic activity and gathered with the special guests of the group company to heal the heart and let life bloom through colorful activities.

Clear the ice cover to ensure power supply and protect the lights of thousands of homes

Recently, many places in Ningxia have experienced continuous cooling, rain and snow. Affected by bad weather, many 110kV and 35kV transmission lines on Mahuang Mountain were covered by frost, and ice covering appeared to varying degrees, which directly threatened the normal operation of transmission equipment. If it cannot be disposed of in time, it can cause line flashover discharge tripping, and at worst it will lead to accidents such as wire breakage, tower deformation or tower collapse, which will have a serious impact on the safety and stability of the regional power grid and the healthy development of local economy and society.

Work together and move forward courageously ——The 2022 annual business activity analysis meeting of the new energy business division and the signing of the 2023 target responsibility letter were successfully held

In order to comprehensively and systematically review the completion of the new energy business department's business work in 2022, plan and lay out the main task goals in 2023, and then encourage all cadres and employees to boost their spirits, summon up full energy, really do hard work, and create new achievements. On January 9, 2023, the New Energy Division organized the 2022 Business Activities Analysis Conference and the 2023 Target Responsibility Letter Signing Ceremony, and Li Zhiqing, General Manager of the New Energy Division, Tan Chao, Wang Wen, Chen Zhengyu, Deputy General Manager of the New Energy Division, and heads of various departments and business backbone representatives attended the meeting.

Continuous learning and perseverance ——2022 knowledge sharing activity of the New Energy Division was successfully concluded

In 2022, the new energy division will continue to learn and share, and organize two knowledge sharing activities every month through a combination of online and offline forms, and the theme of knowledge sharing is in line with the business development direction of the business department, from reality, and in line with work, and through diversified sharing forms, it will help the goal of creating a learning organization to be successfully achieved.

In times of crisis, heroes are revealed ——Hanas New Energy Division anti-epidemic supply record

In order to ensure the normal operation and production order of the company, Li Zhiqing, general manager of Hanas New Energy Business Department, organized and held special meetings on epidemic prevention and control for many times, redeployed the company's epidemic prevention and control work, issued relevant notice requirements, comprehensively strengthened personnel investigation, information communication, and built a strong epidemic prevention fortress.