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The 2023 charity walk of Hanas New Energy Division ended successfully

Hanas Group is rooted in Ningxia and facing the whole country, and has been deeply engaged in the green and low-carbon field for more than 20 years, guarding the blue sky, white clouds, green water and green mountains, and delivering clean, green and high-quality energy to thousands of households; Actively support local economic and social development, fulfill social responsibilities, adhere to the original intention of public welfare, and transmit care and warmth to all sectors of society. Under the initiative and leadership of Hanas Group, the New Energy Division has established a charity management center to coordinate and plan the overall arrangement of charity projects and public welfare activities, participate in charitable public welfare undertakings, and practice the mission and responsibility of private enterprises.

Leaders of Putian North Coast Economic Development Zone visited Hanas Group

In order to further deepen exchanges and cooperation and promote the construction of major energy projects in Fujian-Nanjing cooperation to improve quality and efficiency, from May 27 to 28, 2023, Yu Xiaodong, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Meizhou Bay North Coast Economic Development Zone in Putian, visited Hanas Group for inspection and research, and held discussions and exchanges with Ma Fuqiang, Chairman of the Group.

Honor model workers Pay tribute to ingenuity

The New Energy Division has been forging ahead for thirteen years, and there are many ordinary workers who stick to their ordinary positions. They forge ahead with the heart of a child, shoulder heavy responsibilities, deeply embed the spirit of craftsmanship in their hearts, and strive for excellence; They always adhere to the work concept of "every second must compete, every second must compete", keep in mind the mission of safe production, and care for the enterprise and the post; They cast superb skills with concentration, pragmatism and innovation, and interpret the wonderfulness of life with dedication, hard work and dedication.

Forge ahead and bravely undertake the mission - the new energy business department has set off an upsurge of meeting spirit such as "General Secretary Xi's important expositions on the healthy development and high-quality development of the private economy"

On April 9, Hanas Group organized the leaders of various functional centers, business units and companies at or above the middle level to hold a concentrated study meeting on the "High-quality Development of the Private Economy and All-round Improvement of the Business Environment in the Region". According to the group's deployment, the New Energy Division responded quickly and acted quickly, and fully launched the top-down learning and publicity activities, effectively unifying the thoughts and actions of all members of the business unit to the spirit of the meeting.

Rivet full of energy, strive to be the first, Hanas New Energy achieves the first quarter of "red start"

On the afternoon of April 6, Hanas New Energy Division organized and held an analysis meeting of business activities in the first quarter of 2023 to systematically summarize the development of major businesses such as safety production, planning and construction, and financial operation of the business unit in the first quarter, analyze and judge problems, identify the crux of the gap, and reiterate and deploy the task goals and specific requirements for the next quarter. Li Zhiqing, general manager of the new energy business department, and other management personnel, heads of various departments and some business backbone representatives attended the meeting.

Remembering the Revolutionary Martyrs and Encouraging Endeavor - The New Energy Division organized and carried out the Qingming Festival and Martyrs' memorial activities activities

It is another year of Qingming, and the memory of the heroes and martyrs sends condolences. In order to continue the red bloodline, understand the connotation of the national spirit, and draw the strength to forge ahead from the heroic deeds of the revolutionary martyrs. On the morning of April 4, the New Energy Division organized a Qingming festival at the Yinchuan Martyrs' Cemetery entitled "Remembering the Revolutionary Martyrs and Remembering the Light of Heroes". Li Zhiqing, general manager of the new energy business department, and other employee representatives participated in the cleaning event to remember the martyrs together.