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Hanas Wind Power People's Passionate Marathon

On May 20, 2018, the second "Silk Road" Yinchuan International Marathon fired again Run, 23,000 runners from more than 40 countries and regions participated. Nine people from Hanas Wind Power participated in the event, including four full marathon (42.195 km), four half marathon (21.0975 km) and one mini marathon (5 km).

Silently guarding the "lifeline" of wind power in the wind, frost, snow and rain - a documentary of the daily work of line inspection

The line maintenance department is responsible for the safe and stable operation of the entire wind power line. Although the department was established and started late, However, under the leadership of departmental leaders, the departmental mechanism has been improved day by day, and various work has achieved fruitful results and is gradually becoming mature.

Hanas Wind Power VS Xixia King Wine Industry Basketball Friendly Match

In order to give full play to the team spirit of employees, enhance the cohesion and The tacit understanding and cooperation will enrich employees' amateur cultural life and promote exchanges and cooperation between enterprises. After careful preparation and planning behind the scenes by the main sponsors of both parties, on

Three springs are not slack, the autumn harvest is fragrant

Spring Breeze of Yangliu on March 3rd, Huaqiao Fangcao Bixianxian”, Hanas New Energy in March The group carried out the spring centralized training and learning activities in the Mahuangshan No. 3 Wind Farm, and all the staff of the wind turbine maintenance and maintenance department and the line maintenance center participated in this series of training and learning activities.

Do a good job in the investigation of hidden dangers in the station to ensure safe production during the two sessions

In order to do a good job of safety during the two sessions, recently, the operation department of Mahuangshan No. 3 Wind Farm has further strengthened its organization and made clear Responsibility, do a solid safety self-inspection, strengthen safety management, and ensure high-quality work such as safety production, fire protection, hidden danger inspection, and equipment monitoring during the two sessions.

The Spring Festival inspection encounters a fire

On February 17, 2018 (the second day of the new year), according to the on-duty work plan, the 9th, The inspection work of the 13th phase of the wind farm was carried out in an orderly manner; when the inspection to the 9th phase of the wind farm was passing through the village,

Welcoming the new year with prosperity, work is not slack

The colorful fireworks and the crisp and loud firecrackers indicate the arrival of another Spring Festival, which means that it is possible to cooperate with The day has come for family reunion. During the Spring Festival, in order to ensure safe and stable power supply, the front-line employees of Hanas New Energy stick to their posts and are loyal to their duties, sending warmth and light to thousands of households, and lighting up the beacon in everyone's heart.

Fight for 15 hours in a row in spite of the wind, snow and cold – complete two units The replacement of the ring main unit resumes the operation of the unit

On January 15, 2018, the fans of Phase 1# and Phase 5 24# were withdrawn successively due to the damage of the ring main unit. In operation, because there are no spare parts on site, the company leaders urgently purchased two RMUs from Shenzhen Ormazabal manufacturers and sent them to the site. In order to reduce the power loss of the unit as much as possible, the on-site personnel of Masan actively communicated with the

"Two votes" standardized management

In order to further standardize the filling and application of "two votes" for team employees and maintenance personnel, and eliminate the need for team employees and maintenance personnel Personnel caused related security incidents due to the "two votes" issue. The operation security officer checks the "two votes" of the month every month, and summarizes the problems that occur in the "two votes".

The first grid-connected work of the Dashuikeng 200,000-kilowatt wind power project was successfully completed

On January 10, 2018, as the first wind turbine of the Dashuikeng Xinquanjing Hanas project was connected to the grid, The grid connection work of Dashuikeng 200,000 wind farm (named Songbao No.1 Wind Farm after dispatch) has been completed. The grid-connected scale of Hanas wind power reached 1.1 million kilowatts, completing the construction goal of the group's first million kilowatt wind power base.

Hanas Group's Ningxia Yanchi Fengjigou 200,000-kilowatt wind power project was approved by the Autonomous Region Development and Reform Commission

November 22, 2017, the Ningxia Development and Reform Commission issued the 200,000 yuan of Ningxia Yanchi Master Fengjigou With the approval for the approval of the kilowatt wind power project, Hanas' new energy construction has reached a new level. The total investment of the project is 1.9 billion yuan. The construction site is located in Fengjigou Township, Yanchi County, Ningxia, with a total installed capacity of 200,000 kilowatts.