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Walking on the sand and chasing dreams, walkers without boundaries - The 2022 Desert Challenge Activity of Hanas New Energy Division was successfully concluded

The clouds harvest summer colors, and the leaves of the wood move in autumn. From August 19th to 20th and August 26th to 27th, Hanas New Energy Division's "Sand Walkers Without Borders" Desert Challenge Activity was held in Tengger Desert, and two groups of more than 140 team members marched side by side and set off on the journey, successfully completing the set goals of this activity, exploring the meaning of walking and feeling the strength of the team in the long yellow sand.

Removing sand and fixing soil and planting trees

With As the temperature gradually rises, it is a good time to plant trees. Songbao No. 1 Wind Farm, under the organization of the head of the horse farm, carried out an operation to clean up the sand-accumulated greening station.

Pay close attention to safety training and build the cornerstone of safety

for Effectively strengthen the safety production work of returning to work after the holiday, prevent safety accidents caused by "post-holiday syndrome", and ensure the company's safety production situation continues to be stable. The Hanas New Energy Group Safety Committee urges and guides each production site to carry out" ;Safety first lesson” activity, screw up the “safety valve” after the holiday.

The journey is ten thousand miles and the wind is strong

In 2021, under the correct leadership of General Manager Li Zhiqing, all employees of Hanas New Energy Division will work hard and work hard to successfully complete the annual production and construction goals, showing the spirit of wind power people and interpreting the spirit of wind power people in the new era. outstanding quality.

Ningxia Yanchi Hanas Wind Power Co., Ltd. won the second prize in the enterprise group in this skill competition

2021 From July 29th to August 1st, 2019, the final of the "Second National New Area Economic Development Zone High-tech Zone Team Leader Management Skills Competition" jointly held by the China Development Zone Association and the National New Zone Development Zone Trade Union Work Forum Council Held in Wenzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, more than 400 contestants from 34 development zones across the country participated in the final. Ningxia Yanchi Hanas Wind Power Co., Ltd. won the second prize in the enterprise group. Three employees, Hou Wei, Yu Kai and Lu Bin, won the Excellence Award.

Co-construction of cohesive strength and a new chapter for win-win results - Hanas New Energy Division and China Development Bank Ningxia Branch launched joint construction activities

for To welcome the party's centennial birthday, realize the complementary advantages of party organizations, promote business through party building, and give full play to the role of the company's party organizations and party members in promoting development, uniting people's hearts, and promoting harmony. Department and other departments came to Yanchi Wanglejing Wind Farm to carry out joint construction activities with Hanas New Energy Division. Yang Qian, general manager of Hanas Group Capital Management Center, Li Zhiqing, general manager of Hanas New Energy Division and other leaders and representatives of more than 10 party members attended the event.