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The Central Economic Work Conference was held, and the tone of energy work in 2024 was set!

We will further promote the construction of ecological civilization and green and low-carbon development. Build a Beautiful China Pilot Zone and create a highland for green and low-carbon development. Actively and prudently promote carbon peak and carbon neutrality, and accelerate the construction of a green and low-carbon supply chain. Continue to fight the battle of blue sky, clear water and pure land. Improve the value realization mechanism of ecological products. Implement the reform of the collective forest tenure system. Accelerate the construction of a new energy system, strengthen resource conservation, intensive recycling, and efficient utilization, and improve the ability to ensure the security of energy resources.

Hanas New Energy Group held a business activity analysis meeting for the third quarter of 2023

On October 10, Li Zhiqing, vice president of Hanas Group and chairman of New Energy Group, presided over the analysis meeting of Hanas New Energy Group's business activities in the third quarter of 2023, deeply summarized the production and operation situation in the third quarter, comprehensively analyzed the key factors affecting the achievement of task goals, discussed and judged the safety production and operation situation, and arranged the deployment of key work in the fourth quarter, so as to mobilize all departments to cheer up their spirits, take the initiative, overcome difficulties, and make all-out sprints to ensure the successful achievement of annual task goals. The management personnel of the new energy group, the heads of various departments and some key business representatives attended the meeting.

Gathering strength and the blueprint of Fenghui - Hanas New Energy Group's 2023 Fun Games ended successfully

September 22 Representative of 94 employees of Hanas New Energy Group Gather at Yanchi National Fitness Activity Center Unleash your passion Cheers to each other Mutual achievement Made great memories This is Hanas New Energy Group The first autumn appointment This unity, forging ahead, friendship A fun-filled sports day More fragrant and mellow than the first cup of milk tea in autumn

Standing up for the "competition" - Hanas New Energy Group launched an open competition for managers

In order to implement the strategic deployment of Hanas Group, support the orderly implementation of various business activities and management activities of Hanas New Energy Group, and continuously stimulate the enthusiasm of personnel officers for entrepreneurship through the selection and employment mechanism of capable people and talents who show their strengths. According to the "Articles of Association of Hanas New Energy Group" and other relevant regulations and the actual needs of business, recently, under the leadership of the board of directors, Hanas New Energy Group organized an open competition for management personnel to "compete" to show style, recruit talents, and increase the vitality of the organization.

Strive to sail and pursue "safety" - Hanas New Energy Group solidly promotes safety work

In order to deeply study and understand the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 13th Party Committee of the Autonomous Region and the spirit of the 8th Plenary Session of the 15th Yinchuan Municipal Party Committee, and implement the work arrangements of Hanas Group. Recently, Hanas New Energy Group has organized a number of safety management special activities, promoting work, practicing and taking responsibility to continue to consolidate the foundation of safety management.

Gaining momentum, empowering and forging ahead - Hanas New Energy Group carried out excellent leadership training activities

In order to further improve the comprehensive quality of key personnel, continue to enhance the overall planning and entrepreneurial ability of cadres at all levels, and help enterprises always maintain their leading position. From August 11 to 12, 2023, more than 70 participants from Hanas New Energy Group, Eastern Thermal Power and Pipeline Group gathered to discuss the path of leadership excellence. Lou Meng, Ph.D. in Management from Chinese Minmin University and invited lecturer of Hong Kong Human Resources Certification Center, served as the lecturer of this training.

Xin Baoan: Research on new power system construction methodology

Energy is the foundation and driving force for human civilization and progress. It is vital to national economy, people's livelihood, national security, and human survival and development. Further promote the energy revolution and accelerate the planning and construction of a new energy system." Under the goal of "double carbon", the construction of a new power system is the key content and important carrier of the construction of a new energy system, and it is a very challenging and pioneering system engineering.

Drawing a blueprint to start a new journey - the New Energy Division held a business activity analysis meeting in the second quarter of 2023

In order to comprehensively and systematically summarize and sort out the completion of key work such as production and operation of the new energy business unit in the second quarter of 2023, affirm achievements, identify gaps, grasp the key, compact responsibilities, press forward and start again to ensure the successful achievement of annual task goals. On July 5, the second quarter business activity analysis meeting of the new energy business unit was held as scheduled, and General Manager Li Zhiqing and other management personnel, heads of various departments and some business backbone representatives attended the meeting.

Multiple measures at the same time The New Energy Division has carried out safety management in a solid manner

June 2023 is the 22nd National "Safety Production Month", the new energy division focuses on the activity theme of "everyone talks about safety and each will respond to emergencies", deeply learns lessons learned from accidents, carries out a series of activities such as safety publicity and education, hidden danger investigation and management, accident emergency drills and environmental improvement and improvement, focuses on weaving a "safety net", builds a "safety bottom line", strengthens the sense of "walking on thin ice" everywhere and the sense of responsibility of "always rest assured", with high standards, three-dimensional, The multi-level safety management system escorts the high-quality development of enterprises.