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Spring Festival greetings and care, winter cold, deep feelings warm people's hearts

On January 20 and 21, Zeng Simeng, bu Zenggang and Wang Wen, deputy general managers of Hanas new energy group, and TAN Chao, chief operating officer, entered the wind farms with condolences, sent the group's sincere care to the on-site colleagues, thanked them for their selfless dedication to sticking to their jobs and caring for everyone during the festival, and extended sincere greetings and Spring Festival blessings in advance.

new motivation ——Hanas New Energy Group's 2019 first phase of new employee regularization training ended successfully

On September 27th, Hanas New Energy Group's first new employee regularization training was successfully held. 14 new employees who have recently become regular employees participated in the training. Zeng Simeng, the manager and director of human resources, and Tan Chao, the director of operations, had a discussion on growth with the employees who were transferred to positive positions.

Inspections are in place, and offline housing construction is stopped in time

“What you do not only violate the Electricity Law and the Regulations on the Protection of Electric Power Facilities, but also endanger personal safety, which is very dangerous . ” Recently, due to the inspection of the line maintenance department staff in place, it was discovered and stopped an illegal house building in the line protection area in time, and the hidden danger was eliminated in time to ensure the safe operation of electrical equipment and personal safety.

At 9 o'clock tonight, CCTV-3 will be locked - Gu Shengming, maintenance manager of Yanyi Wind Farm, will appear on CCTV's "Variety Festival" program

At 9 o'clock tonight, Gu Shengming, the fan maintenance manager of Yanyi Wind Farm, will appear on the "Variety Festival" program broadcast by CCTV's Variety Channel. This program will focus on the grassroots workers who are engaged in the new energy industry and stick to their posts. Workers from 6 different industries were selected, and they created extraordinary achievements in ordinary positions.