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Danish Minister to China, Vestas and Hanas Group Tripartite Exchange Symposium

On the afternoon of October 14, Juan · Alaruce, Global Chief Sales Officer, Vestas Denmark, Global The senior delegation of CFO Marika Fredrickson held a symposium with the senior leaders of Hanas Group. Group CEO Ma Fuqiang, Chief Financial Officer of Power Generation Division Yang Qian, Senior Vice President of Power Generation Division Zhao Xianxiang, Senior Vice President of Operations of Power Generation Divisi

Grow with Vestas

2013 From November 5th to 6th, 2019, Vestas China held a 2-day customer service day activity in the bank. Hanas, Master employees and Vestas jointly participated in the reliability sand table deduction activity. Vestas Zheng Zonggong, general manager of Sri Lanka, and Wang Shaobo, assistant to the president of Hanas New Energy Group, delivered speeches at the event respectively.

Hanas and Gamesa reach cooperation intention

3 On March 26th, Group President Ma Fuqiang met with Mr. Jose Antonio Miranda, Chairman and CEO of Gamesa Wind Power China. The two parties had an in-depth discussion on the construction of the Yanchi million kilowatt wind power base and signed a contract A letter of intent for cooperation in the procurement of 100MW wind turbines has been issued. Zhang Yi, vice president of the group, and Wang Shaobo, assistant to the president and general manager of the new energy business department, accompanied the meeting.

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