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Taking multiple measures to help "Safety Production Month"

During the "Safety Production Month", Qinglongshan No. 2 Wind Farm carried out safety learning activities with the theme of "preventing risks, eliminating hidden dangers, and curbing accidents", and organized all employees to deeply study General Secretary Xi Jinping's important expositions on safety in production, and firmly establish safety standards. The production concept aims to prevent and resolve major risks, eliminate potential safety hazards in a timely manner, and effectively curb safety production accidents, enhance the awareness of power safety production, improve the level of power safety production, implement power safety production responsibilities, and ensure the safe and stable operation of the power system. Organizing training to enhance safety awareness At the beginning of June, Qinglongshan No. 2 Wind Farm organized a study of the "Notice of the General Department of the National Energy Administration on Carrying out Special Supervision on Power Equipment Safety" and the General Department of the National Energy Administration on the implementation of the "Safety Production Month" and "Safety Production Thousand Miles" in the power industry in 2019. "Notice of Activities" and "Electric Power Safety Production Regulations", strengthen the safety production awareness of personnel at all levels, build a safe production line of defense, improve emergency response capabilities and levels, and effectively prevent various safety production accidents. Stick to the theme and strengthen security implementation In mid-June, Qinglongshan No. 2 Wind Farm organized personnel to carry out special inspections of the "Safety Production Month", and established a responsibility system of "responsible for each layer, everyone is responsible, and everyone is responsible", according to the actual operation of the system to which the equipment belongs. Differences, targeted inspections of main transformers, circuit breakers, isolation switches, busbars, transformers, switch cabinets in power distribution rooms and other equipment. Amplify advocacy and carry out safety learning On the eve of the National Safety Publicity and Consultation Day, the production and operation personnel of Qinglongshan No. 2 Wind Farm hung the slogan of the safety production month on the fence of the site, organized and studied the "National Electricity Accident and Electricity Safety Incident Compilation" issued by the National Electricity Safety Production Committee, and analyzed accident cases. , learn lessons from the accident, and continuously strengthen the education of power safety warnings. In the next step, Qinglongshan No. 2 Wind Farm will continue to carry out safety production theme seminars, safety emergency drills and other activities to further strengthen the safety responsibility awareness of all employees, improve safety management level and prevention ability, create a strong safety culture atmosphere, and ensure the power system. Safe and stable operation.

"Guarding the pulse" for new lines

With the intensive launch of the company's wind power projects, the number of transmission line towers and operating mileage continue to increase, and the operation and maintenance tasks are getting heavier and more difficult. In order to ensure the safe and stable operation of the new line, the line maintenance department has always regarded the acceptance of the new line as an important task since its establishment.

All Staff Health Walk Happy Silver Horse

On May 26, the much-anticipated 2019 "Silk Road" Yinchuan International Marathon was launched in People's Square. A total of 18 runners from the Hanas New Energy Running Team participated in the competition, including Zhang Xi and Guo Xin participating in the full marathon; 11 people including Bai Yun, Yang Feilong and Zhang Lijing participating in the half marathon; and 5 people including Su Jun, Zhong Hai and Ma Zhigui participating in the Happy Run. The members of the running team jointly started the easiest and most difficult challenge.

Discover beauty, stop frame beauty —— Exhibition of the winning works of the May 4th Youth Festival Photography Competition

In order to enrich employees' spare time life, cultivate employees' interest in photography, promote the exchange of photography among photography enthusiasts, and build a platform for them to display their spiritual outlook and express their creativity, Hanas New Energy Group organized and carried out "Discover Beauty, Freeze Frame Beauty" The May 4th Youth Day Photo Contest, after half a month of organization and preparation, received 94 entries from nearly 30 employees in this photo contest.

Make training productive Hanas New Energy Group conducts training from technology to efficient management

is Improve employee management skills and enhance professional leadership. From March 19th to 20th, Hanas New Energy Group organized a special training from technology to efficient management. More than 60 people from various departments, wind farm sites and Eastern Thermal Power Group participated in the training . The training specially invites Mr. Liu Chengxi, a famous practical management training expert from both sides of the Taiwan Strait, as a training lecturer.

China Development Bank Ningxia Branch to Fengjigou Project conduct a field trip

On the morning of July 4th, the Risk Department, Market Department, Evaluation Department and Customer Department of China Development Bank Ningxia Branch held multiple departments. The staff, accompanied by Wang Shaobo, vice president of Hanas Group, Yang Qian, deputy general manager of the group's capital center, and other leaders, went to Hanas Group's Ningxia Yanchi Fengjigou Master 200,000-kilowatt wind power project and conducted a field inspection.

Investigation by the leaders of Bank of Communications Ningxia Branch Hanas Inner Mongolia Wind Power Base

On May 25, Party Secretary and President of Bank of Communications Ningxia Branch Li Zhumin, Vice President Gao Rui, major customers General Manager Hu Yue and his party went to the wind farm of Hanas Wind Power Co., Ltd. in Inner Mongolia for investigation. Ma Fuqiang, chairman of Hanas Group, and relevant persons in charge of Hanas New Energy Group accompanied the investigation throughout the process.